Deciding on a Position? It is a Two-Way Street!

June 25, 2019by Micah Shaw

For many candidates, particularly those in the early stage of their careers, when preparing for an interview for a position, they often focus solely on impressing the company. Do have the right skills? Am I educated enough? Am I experienced enough? Can I do a good enough job?

While it is important, even critical, to ensure that you do have the right skills, adequate education and experience so that you will perform well for the company, candidates should not forget that the employment relationship is a two-way street.

Candidates should be just as diligent in determining whether the company is able and willing to meet their career and other objectives as they are in determining whether they meet the company’s objectives:

  • Is the company committed to training, particularly in the early weeks and months of the employment relationship?
  • Is there a path for promotions and more challenging projects for those who desire and work towards these goals?
  • Does the company offer opportunities for ongoing education?
  • Will you be properly compensated as you gain more skills and experience over the course of your tenure at the company?
  • Does the culture of the company fit your personality?

These are just some of the aspects of the employment relationship that candidates should be investigating during the process. While it is important to research these issues before deciding whether to apply for a position, it is even more important to ask these questions during interviews. Not asking questions during an interview could be perceived as the candidate being disinterested; but more importantly, if these questions are asked in a respectful and thoughtful manner, the chances are that the hiring team will respect you for having asked such important questions. Hiring is a two-way street, after all. 

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