Food Production & Farming -Valley Personnel Can Help

April 1, 2020by Micah Shaw


In our new COVID-19 world, we have witnessed an unprecedented shutdown of industries across the country and the world. However, what has become clear during this crisis, is that people still need the necessities of life: shelter, utilities and food.

If your food production business or farm is running at capacity in order to keep our population fed during this challenging time, consider reaching out to Valley Personnel to assist you during peak periods.

We have decades of experience in providing a reliable supply of temporary workers with food production and farming experience – many of whom are eager to earn an income during these uncertain times.

Not only do we have a healthy supply of workers, but we are fully compliant with WorkSafe policies and are very careful to abide by all of the changing COVID-19 safety regulations and guidelines in order to keep our workers – and our customers’ businesses – safe.

Contact me today if you have any interest in learning more about our temporary labour or high-volume farm and food production services. I can be reached by telephone at (604) 859-6511 or by email at