Hiring Temps as Vetting for Permanent Hiring

April 24, 2019by Micah Shaw

Whether your company is using an agency to hire the right people into permanent roles or whether your company has an HR team that can thoroughly vet candidates, no process is airtight. Is the new hire going to perform at a high level for the medium and longer terms? If your company wants to take an extra step in order to protect itself from the consequences of hiring the wrong person, you may want to consider a “temp-to-perm arrangement” with an agency such as Valley Personnel.

What is a Temp-to-Perm Arrangement?

At Valley Personnel, we have a program in place that allows our clients to enter into temporary employment arrangements that do not require the client to make any long-term commitments when it comes to permanently hiring staff. Rather, the client company contracts with Valley Personnel to have temporary employee placed in their company on an as-needed basis for a limited period of time.

Our contracts provide that during the temporary employment arrangement, the client company may choose, at its sole discretion, to hire the temporary employee as a permanent employee, upon payment of a reduced placement fee to Valley Personnel.

Whose Employee?

While the employee is temping, the employee remains an employee of Valley Personnel, not your company. That means that during this time, Valley Personnel is responsible for payroll taxes, processing payroll, paying WorkSafe premiums and paying the new Employer’s Health Tax. If the client is not satisfied with the temporary employee’s performance during this time, Valley Personnel will promptly find a replacement employee that is more suited for the position.

Temping as a Means of Vetting Candidates

If the client is not sure if the candidate is the right fit during the interview stage, there is no better way to thoroughly vet the candidate than engaging them as a temporary employee for a period of time. That way, you will see first-hand whether they are a fit with your other staff, whether they have the skills for the role that they said they have during interviews and whether they actually enjoy the role.

At Valley Personnel, our team has decades of experience in helping your company canvass the right candidates for temporary or permanent positions. Contact us today if you have any interest in exploring the “temp-to-perm” program. We can be reached by telephone at (604) 859-6511 or by email at admin@valleypersonnel.com.