Applying for the Position

January 18, 2019by Micah Shaw


In today’s world of instant communications, mostly electronic, it can become so easy to forget that no matter what position you are applying for, ultimately you are connecting with people, you will be working with people and you will be serving customers.

Here are a few tips to avoid pitfalls that I have seen in my experience as a recruiter:

  1. Be Punctual.

I cannot tell you how many times I have scheduled interviews with candidates who not only didn’t bother to show up, but never followed up with an apology or an explanation afterwards. Often, candidates “no show” because they found another position since they last spoke with me. While not nearly as bad as no-showing, candidates also often show up late for interviews.

Arrive about 5 minutes before your interview time.  If you show up too early, the interviewer may have other appointments before your interview time, or they may be using this time to prepare for your interview.

You never know when you might apply for another role in the future – being punctual and respectful of others’ time will leave a good impression for when you cross paths again.

  1. Be Responsive.

While all of us are inundated with emails, text messages and voicemails – that is the world we are living in – it can become so easy to leave messages in our inboxes for too long. Often, if enough time passes, they are forgotten forever. Even if you are extremely busy, take the time to quickly reply to say something like, “I received your message. I will get back to you as soon as I am able.” Prompt, respectful responses can go a long way.

  1. Be Confident.

Finding a balance between confidence and humility is such an imperative aspect of the job-seeking process. Candidates often come across as shy, nervous and even insecure when interviewing for a position.

Two key factors:  research the company and know the job description.  This show your interest in the company and the position.

If you have strengths and relevant experience that your potential employer is looking for, don’t be shy talking about these qualities! Make eye contact. Be crisp in your responses. Give specific examples of your related experience and past success. If your interviewer sees that you are confident about the role you are applying for, he or she will remember you when they are reviewing what is likely to be several resumes and applications.

  1. Be Presentable.

It is very important to leave positive impressions in every area of your professional life.  Ensure that you dress appropriately for your interview, including clothing, hair and shoes.  Many companies have a no-scent policy so try not to wear overbearing scents that may cause an allergic reaction to your interviewer.

Know your public presence on social media.  Take note that some interviewers will check out your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. profiles before your interview.

At Valley Personnel, our team has many years of experience in helping refine your skills and presentation in applying for positions at all levels. Contact me today if you have any interest in getting advice on applying for positions or if you would like to explore our current and future job postings. I can be reached by telephone at (604) 859-6511 or by email at