Why Work as a Temp?

October 22, 2018by Micah Shaw


In some circles, working as a “temp” may have a certain stigma. However, there are a few positive benefits that can come out of working in this context.

Firstly, you can gain valuable work experience, whether you are starting out in your professional life or transitioning into a new career. While temping, you may find yourself working at several companies, or even in one company, in a number of different roles, where you will be exposed to various departments and therefore be developing a diverse skill set, rather than just working at the same job for a long period of time.

Secondly, if you work for a number of companies while temping, you will have the opportunity to expand your business network with dozens (maybe hundreds) of colleagues. In today’s fast-changing world, connections and networking are everything – you cannot ever know too many people. You never know if your temporary boss may one day become a permanent boss, a referral in case you impress him or her, or even a future customer.

Thirdly, flexibility. Do you want to take a few weeks off during the summer with no strings attached? Do you only want to work for a couple of weeks at a time? Or are you a “binge worker”? Temping provides you with the ability to shape your work schedule in a manner that suits your current situation in life.

Finally, temping at a company may be a direct path to a permanent position in the company you are working at. Both companies and employees may want to “test the waters” for a few weeks or a few months in order to decide if the company or the employee is the right fit. What better way to do that than to get paid while working at that company with no strings attached?

At Valley Personnel, we place office staff in dozens of temporary roles at businesses all across the Fraser Valley. Contact me today if you have any interest in working in a flexible position. I can be reached by telephone at (604) 859-6511 or by email at grace@valleypersonnel.com.