Seeing is Believing

August 24, 2018by Micah Shaw


In this fast-changing digital world, paper resumes are becoming things from the past.  At most, many employers want you to apply online and they will use your online resume for the entire recruiting process.  If you want to stand out from the digital noise, consider sending a video resume with your next application.  With a video resume, the company can immediately evaluate your style, presence and enthusiasm for the job.  To create a credible and attractive video resume, there are some rules to follow:

Practice:  Practice helps to avoid verbal fillers like “um” “uh” and you will sound professional and at ease.  You don’t want to be mechanical, but practice means you can speak smoothly and still allow for some improvisation.

Keep It Short:  A video resume should be a maximum of three minutes, preferably shorter.  You want to communicate your education, experience and passions, and what you can contribute to the success of your chosen employer.  This is an enhancement of your paper resume, so highlight things that can’t be covered in a hard copy.

Be Professional: Dress for the job.  Be aware of what could be sticking out of your head in the background, and choose a well-lit area.  Most important, put in the effort to get great sound.  Your phone is good enough to use for the video, but don’t use the built in microphone.  Buy, rent or borrow a professional microphone, it will be worth it.

Get Feedback:  Before you submit your video to a potential employer, get feedback from friends and family.  Remember, this video will be online forever, so save yourself future embarrassment by putting the effort in now to produce something you can be proud to submit.