PROS and CONS of Living In Chilliwack BC Canada

July 1, 2022by Micah Shaw

There is no perfect city on earth, but if you’re lucky, you just may end up living in one perfect enough for you to call home. Every city has its pros and cons, and that is no different for the city of Chilliwack, British Colombia. 

Life in Chilliwack 

Chilliwack is the seventh-largest city in British Colombia, with a population of around 83,788, with over 11,000 immigrants. The city has a history of agriculture as its main source of survival. However, today, the city has advanced in areas like tourism, and now has far more activities and attractions to offer. 

Chilliwack has seen quite a bit of growth in the population over the last few years, with the average growth rate hitting around 8%, and is expected to progress for years to come. This comes as no surprise, as the city experiences a milder climate than most of Canada, great quality of life, and is culturally diverse.

Additionally, the city is surrounded by beautiful scenery, such as the gorgeous mountains and great recreational areas like the Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park. 

Now here are all the reasons you might enjoy living in Chilliwack.

Chilliwack, BC, Canada - Valley Personnel

Pros of living in Chilliwack, BC 

  1. Affordable Housing – The housing market is definitely a major factor when relocating to a new city. If the cost of housing is too high or is on a trajectory of becoming unaffordable, it may not be enticing to move.
    Chilliwack has some of the most affordable housing costs in BC, especially compared to larger cities like Vancouver.
  2. Lively city – There are lots to do and many things to discover in the city of Chilliwack. If you enjoy outdoor activities, you will love it here, as you can participate in snowmobiling, ATVing, mountain biking, sightseeing, and more. If you simply enjoy long scenic walks, there are lots of places you can also explore.
  3. Great food – Delicious cuisine is also a major selling point for any city, and Chilliwack definitely has that covered. There are a variety of amazing restaurants to choose from. And if you are a beer lover, there are also lots of breweries you can enjoy without the burden of an expensive price tag.
  4. Great employment opportunities – This is also another reason to relocate to Chilliwack. The average salary of employees in Chilliwack is about $21 per hour, with the most common professions being bookkeepers and dental assistants. If this sounds up your alley, Chilliwack may be beckoning you to relocate. 

As with every city, living in Chilliwack has pros and cons. Here are some things you may want to consider before moving. 

Cons of living in Chilliwack, BC

  1. Not the cleanest city – Due to the very lively agricultural industry, there are some practices that may not create the cleanest environment. People may detect animal dung on the streets in certain regions, which may be off-putting.
  2. High crime rate – While Canada is one of the safest countries in the world, some cities still struggle with a higher crime rate than normal. The crime index in Chilliwack is currently 66%, with the most common crimes being theft, break-ins, vandalism, and drug use.
  3. Unreliable transport system – If you are used to the transportation system in the larger cities, you may find the one in Chilliwack lacking. The limited road network and facilities available are contributing factors. 


Relocating to a new city is a big decision that should not be taken lightly. Consider all the factors, the pros and cons, and weigh the benefits. Chilliwack is a great city to live, and raise families, but it may not be right for everyone.


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