Abbotsford and Chilliwack: How Different are these Cities?

February 22, 2022by Micah Shaw

In this post-COVID-19 world, we’ve noticed a major influx of people moving out of Vancouver to Abbotsford and Chilliwack and to the rest of the Fraser Valley.

Yep, those city folks are moving east, buying bigger homes, and finally getting that backyard big enough to host a weekend BBQ in. But which city is it better to live in? Let’s compare these two cities. 

Abbotsford- A city with a small-town feel

City of Abbotsford, BC, Canada - Valley Personnel

Abbotsford — or simply Abby — has seen excellent growth throughout the years. In fact, it’s become the largest city in the Fraser Valley and one of the largest in British Columbia (BC) — boasting a population of 141,397 residents and spreading across 145 square miles. Even so, it has continued to maintain its wholesome, small-town feel.

Plus, the city’s close proximity to Metro Vancouver offers access to a wealth of big-city opportunities, while its lower cost of living makes it a great place to settle down. Clearly, Abby has a lot to offer. 

Abbotsford is right next to the Canada-United States border and is surrounded by the state of Washington in the U.S. (to the south), as well as the cities of Langley (30 kilometres to the west), Mission (12 kilometres to the north) and Chilliwack (34 kilometres to the east).

Family-friendly area with a ton of stuff to do.

The tight-knit community of Abbotsford is already known for having a family-friendly vibe. In fact, Abbotsford is one of the top choices for families when it comes to relocating to the Fraser Valley region due to its high-quality education system and a vibrant social scene for residents of all ages. 

Abbotsford also has more than 70 playgrounds scattered throughout the city and includes many parks, lakes, and hiking trails that the entire family will surely appreciate. 

Boasting more than 660 hectares of natural lands and open space dotted throughout the city, Abbotsford is every nature lover’s dream. Specifically, it includes more than 100 kilometers of nature trails — perfect for walking, hiking, running, rollerblading, and biking. And, for those who want to venture off in the surrounding areas, there’s also an abundance of regional parks to choose from.

As you can see, Abbotsford is quite the charmer! Also known as The City in the Country, it’s the perfect place to settle down and work for those in search of a relaxed and healthy — but also thriving — lifestyle.


Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada - Valley Personnel

Chilliwack, whose name is derived from the Halq’eméylem word “Ts’elxwéyeqw” which means “going back upstream, as far as you can go in a canoe.” With a population of around 101,512 people, Chilliwack is a dream place to live and work.

With its enviable, picturesque geographical location and small-town feel, Chilliwack has a lot to offer. Chilliwack is ideally located among a plethora of natural attractions. Instead of living in the big city and travelling a couple of hours to get to the wilderness, moving to Chilliwack will feel like nature is waiting on your doorstep.

Since Chilliwack isn’t completely nestled in the interior of British Columbia, it still experiences a fairly moderate climate similar to Vancouver– as in, most sites will be accessible year-round. You can go camping near Chilliwack at a number of different parks or explore the popular ‘fun-destinations’ Cultus Lake and Harrison Hot Springs (20-30 min drive). You can also try hiking in Chilliwack and get lost in the many trails and hiking paths both within and surrounding the city.

Chilliwack is  the epitome of an accessible, small-town lifestyle

As in, you’re not completely in the middle of nowhere, but it can certainly feel like it when you move there. Chilliwack has a population of around 78,000, so don’t worry, you aren’t moving into a place where you have to travel for necessities. It is well equipped with enough shopping options, and you’ll be sure to easily find a no-pay parking space!

The City of Chilliwack is primarily a great city to live and work in because it is simplistic– as in, half of the GDP stems from retail and the service industry. There is less of an entrepreneurial ‘hustle’ like what you would find in Vancouver. All good things though, more time for leisurely activities! 

If you visit or move to Chilliwack, you’ll be pleasantly greeted with overall affordability. Car insurance, gas, housing– these are all things that if you are moving from Vancouver to Chilliwack, you’ll welcome with open arms. 

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