Why Use a “Temp Agency”?

March 2, 2018by Micah Shaw


Many business owners and managers resist using temporary employment agencies for a number of reasons. Perhaps they think that agencies are too expensive, or they think it will be too much trouble to train the temporary employees, or maybe the business owners and managers are not even aware that these agencies exist. In reality, there are a number of benefits with going the “temp route”. Here are some of the most significant benefits that I have seen over the course of my career:


Most temporary employment agencies have large networks and qualified employees standing by for every kind of position. With so many employees available, agencies are flexible in meeting businesses’ specific needs. For example, how long does the business need the employee for (a day to cover a sick day? a week to cover a vacation? a month to support a special project? a year to cover a maternity leave?)? We have employees available for every length of contract, something that is normally not the case for most businesses.

Perhaps your company is not ready to hire a full-time employee today, but wants to use a temporary employee to see if there is a place or a business case for a new role a month or two down the road? The “temp-to-perm” arrangement provides the flexibility whereby you can use a temporary employee for a length of time, and then decide to hire them permanently when and if you are ready to do so.

Cost Savings

It costs money to find, train and hire people. And when you might only need an employee for a week or a month, those costs can quickly add up. Given that sourcing, vetting and hiring employees is what agencies do every day, they can do so more efficiently and cost-effectively than most businesses.

Furthermore, agencies cover all federal income tax, CPP, EI, vacation pay and WorkSafe premiums for the temporary employees including the responsibility for producing T4s, ROEs and other documentation.

Ability to Thoroughly Vet Candidates

Our full-time job is to interview and assess candidates for positions in hundreds of companies in every industry, and we have become very effective at it. Business owners and managers are busy running their companies and often do not have the time or the expertise to vet candidates. Our professional recruiting staff at Valley Personnel have decades of experience in every business and have honed our vetting skills so that your business will get candidates who are both high quality and the right fit for your team.

Give the Agency all the Headaches!

We like fixing problems for our clients. Let us take care of job advertising, candidate interviewing, payroll processing and performance reviews. Call me at (604) 859-6511 or email me at grace@valleypersonnel.com to see if I can find you the right temporary employee for whatever position you have available.

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