Welcome to The Human Side of Business

September 18, 2017by Micah Shaw

In this blog, we are going to post about everything on the human side of business.  From recruiting to termination, you will find sometimes surprising information about how to save money and create engagement in the people you hire.

Our focus will be on recruiting, interviewing and hiring – because if you get those steps right, managing your people will be easy.  Make a mistake in those early steps, and managing becomes babysitting and builds to frustration and costly termination decisions.

The intent of this blog is to help you make better hiring decisions.  When we meet with people who are looking for employees, they can usually tell us why the incumbent in the position did not work out.  Wouldn’t it be a relief to find out this information BEFORE you make a hiring decision. Poor hiring decisions are expensive.  They take profit directly out of your pocket.  In an upcoming blog, we will detail the cost of turnover and you will be shocked at the hard dollars going out the door when an offer is made to the wrong candidate.

We are going to talk about sourcing candidates, screening, interviewing, checking references, on-boarding, coaching, discipline and termination.  We will describe the different techniques required for different generations.  Recruiting Millennials is very different from recruiting Baby Boomers. And managing these different generations takes flexibility and insight.

So, welcome to the new Valley Personnel website and blog.  We look forward to your comments and feedback, and to helping you fill the vacancies in your company with the very best the Valley has to offer.