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Professional Services


A wide variety of professional services for Employers & Job Seekers.

Valley Personnel will create your résumé and cover letter, do your typing for you or test you to evaluate your skill levels.
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Stand out from the crowd. Communicate your skills and experience effectively.

Résumés by Appointment Only

When filling a position in today’s competitive job market an employer will often have 100 or more applicants, therefore, it is imperative that your résumé stands out. Writing a résumé might seem like an even more formidable task when you do not know how to emphasize your strengths.

The knowledgeable staff at Valley Personnel will create a résumé specifically aimed at presenting your information in a professional, accurate and visually-appealing manner.

What does this service include?

• Reviewing your draft to ensure all relevant employment information is provided.
• Organizing your information into a suitable résumé format.
• Highlighting and properly categorizing all major areas.
• Ensuring the quality and consistency of the sentence structure and grammar.

This process is designed to represent you in the most positive manner.

The Résumé Package:

• Structure and design.
• Your review and final approval.
• 1 master copy and 1 emailed copy of your résumé.

Cover Letters – By appointment only
Your cover letter should give employers a quick summary of how your qualifications match their needs as well as highlight unique, specific contributions you would bring to the company. The cover letter must make a positive first impression, inspiring employers to find out more about you from your résumé and in an interview.

What does this service include?

• Researching the company to which you are applying as well as the details of the specific posting.
• Organizing your information into a suitable cover letter format.
• Highlighting your knowledge of the company and your interest in the position.
• Ensuring the quality and consistency of the sentence structure and grammar.


Knowledge is power.

Know Your Level of Expertise
We have testing programs that will evaluate your skills and knowledge for many of today’s popular office software programs. From word processing to graphic design and databases, we have got it covered.

Why would you use this service?
If you are looking for work and wish to provide possible employers with tangible evidence of your skills.
To qualify for certain university or college programs.
For self-evaluation, to see where you need to improve your skills.

Program Evaluations Include:

• Typing
• Data Entry
• Administrative Support Skills
• MS Word, Excel, Access & Powerpoint
• Simply Accounting
• Quickbooks
• Accounts Payable / Receivable
• Accounting – Terminology

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us if there is a program not mentioned on this list that you would like testing for.